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The Differences & Major Players

People who are used to lighting up their marijuana may be surprised by the different kinds of “high” that edibles can produce. There’s one word to explain this:


How your flowers are exposed to heat will drastically change its chemical makeup. For instance, when you smoke it, the herb gets heated to around 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. What happens is that THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is converted into Delta-9 THC, which quickly glues receptors to your brain. This is what produces a mind-altering sensation.

In contrast, edibles will only get to about 302 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that less of the herb is burned. It’s easier on your throat, body, and especially your lungs because all of the toxic by-products, such as carbon monoxide, for instance, are eliminated.

The only problem? Achieving the correct dosage to get high is mostly trial-and-error. This can be frustrating for smokers who are used to receiving the effects of THC in their system almost immediately.

Why Are the Effects Delayed in Edibles?

THC is not water soluble. It’s, in fact, categorized as a lipophilic, which means its natural state is to be dissolved in fats or lipids. Butter or oil is the basic component in baked products and these ingredients are what’s causing the delayed effects. Edibles will get you high for as long as eight hours.

Edibles are actually healthier on your body compared to smoking weed. There are no serious long-term effects, even if you ingest premium cannabis-infused chocolates or any other marijuana edibles in the market today. There’s no threat of overdose even if you ingest more than you originally intended. However, if the dosage is overwhelming on your body you could get a shaking sensation. This of course is limited to a very small amount of individual users, the amount their body can manage at once and is not a well-known consistent result that all sonsumers can expect. As mentioned, very few may experience this sensation.

With that said, edibles actually produces a stronger body high and for a longer duration. This is because the THC is first processed by the liver before it goes into your bloodstream. Passing through the liver will convert Delta-9THC into 11-OH-THC, which is more potent.

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Home Madeb Specialty Cannabis Infused Edibles

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Ethically Sourced Chocolates

It’s important that you trust the source of your edibles. There’s a science behind making sure that the cannabinoids are naturally triggered when the products are ingested. More importantly, it’s vital that the raw materials are not tainted or contaminated with other toxic chemicals.

For instance, Chill Cannabis-infused bars are handmade and ethically sourced. Its maker, Capitol Cocoa located in California, runs one of the longest-operating kitchens in the state. They’ve perfected their blend of craft chocolate and premium cannabis for almost 20 years.

What changed the ballgame for edibles in California is legalization of cannabis, which now allows regulating bodies to come in and certify the labs. Edible kitchens must be certified before they can operate. This means all their systems, technology, equipment, and processes are subjected to rigorous checks to ensure proper hygiene and safety.

Prior to legalization, all cannabis and marijuana labs operated underground and away from the prying eyes and regulations of health regulatory agencies.

In fact, Chill Chocolate won the High Times Cannabis Cup four times. It was also awarded the Chalice Cup, 805 Cannabis Cup, Intche Connoisseurs Cup, and they grabbed the San Francisco Medical Cup twice.

Another major player in the retailer cannabis edible industry is the well-known brand Kaneh Co. and Korova edibles. Kaneh Co. edibles have a nice history that was highlighted in a recent article by Cannabexchange.com. While Korova is a well-known cannabis company that provides a long list of products such as flowers of all strain types and edibles that range from cookies to brownies, gummies and more.

You can find these edible products at almost any local cannabis dispensary in your area. To reach a local cannabis dispensary in your state, you can search for one in this recommended cannabis listing directory.

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