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Making a Good Cannabis Pipe out of Fruits and Vegetables

How To & What To Use, DIY for the Enthusiast!

Smoking cannabis out of vegetables and fruits is gaining more popularity these days. It does not come as a surprise, considering the added taste you get from it. To many, the first-time experience is a pleasant surprise.

The earthy and fruity flavors you get from these vessels takes smoking cannabis to a whole new level. There are several kinds of vegetables and fruits that you can smoke out of. If you have the right tool to create the pipe and you have a viable vessel available, then you are good to go.

Get the Right Tools

Enjoying an organic pipe begins with having the right tools. These will help you carve, cut, and poke your vessel so they will be ready to use. Having them close by will also ensure you are all set to begin your do-it-yourself pipe.

An article from Leafly.com shared the tools you need to make an organic pipe. One of the things you should have is a potato peeler which is the best means for carving a bowl. Skewers, whether metal or bamboo, can help make an air passage between a carved bowl and the mouthpiece. If these are unavailable, you can also make use of toothpicks or chopsticks. However, using them may require a little more effort to get the shape and size you want.

A pen casing can also be utilized to create holes of your choice in a vessel. All you have to do is give it a quick wash before using it for your DIY project. Paring knife and pumpkin carving knife are great for getting through your chosen produce. The former may be small in size but big in use. The latter can cut through the flesh of almost all organic items you can use as a vessel.

Finally, a coffee spoon will come in handy. It is easy to navigate when you are creating a bowl out of the produce.

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The Choices? There are Plenty

There are a lot of vegetables and fruits that you can use as a cannabis pipe.

Banana is one of the most popular options. It has the advantage of already having that pipe-like shape. The function and appearances are there, you just have to cut, carve, and drill to get it to where you like. This will definitely be hot commodity among your friends.

Another popular choice is the apple. It has a perfect size, not too big or too small. Just create a hole from the top all the way to the center for the bowl piece. Make another hole from the side to the center for the mouthpiece. Rotate it 90 degrees, then load to begin a fruity experience.

For those who want to have huge rips, the best choice is a melon. The process of cutting it is just similar to that of the apple.

As for vegetable pipes, you can make use of carrot, potato, squash, or zucchini. These are readily available in the groceries for your convenience.

There are certainly many choices of vegetables and fruits for your DIY cannabis pipe. You can even experiment and explore other options for a more flavorful experience.

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