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Second-hand marijuana smoke & responsible ways to smoke around others

If you’re over 21 and reside in a state where marijuana has been legalized, you get to enjoy the many benefits that this plant has to offer. In certain job professions, employees are not able to consume cannabis without suffering negative consequences, despite living in a state where it’s legal.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who this doesn’t apply to, maybe you’ve wondered if smoking cannabis effects your children. This article will discuss the effects of second-hand marijuana smoke and if there are any alternatives to respect the non-smokers in your life.

Career Fields Where Marijuana is Prohibited

For employees in the medical, law enforcement and government fields or job seekers looking to apply for these professions, caution is needed when it comes to marijuana. Testing positive for marijuana can result in termination of employment or rejection of job applications.

In states where marijuana is legal, it’s hard to walk down the street without being hit in the face with marijuana smoke. For those who live with roommates, family or a significant other who smokes, escaping the smell of cannabis can prove to be an impossible feat.

Thankfully there’s research that can put people at ease. No one wants to lose their job, job prospects or promotions, if it’s due to no fault of their own. Let’s look and see to what degree second hand marijuana smoke has on nonsmokers.

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Drug Screenings

One study measured the amount of THC present in the blood of participants exposed to second hand smoke. The nonsmokers were held in a well-ventilated room for three hours with participants who were causally smoking cannabis. When tested, the nonsmokers had THC present in their blood, but the amount was not high enough for any of them to fail a drug test.

Research states that a non-user could test positive for marijuana use if they were in an environment that put them under extreme exposure. For exposure to qualify as extreme, the room would have to be poorly ventilated and filled with smoke. The good news is that in a matter of hours, even with heavy exposure, drug test results would turn back to normal.

Second Hand Cannabis Smoke on Children

Dr. Karen Wilson from the Icahn School of medicine stated that young children were found to have marijuana smoke in their lungs due to marijuana exposure according to a Colorado study. The parents of these children smoked marijuana as their main consumption method. 46% of children had COOH-THC levels and 11% had THC (psychoactive) levels that were detectable after being exposed to marijuana.

Further testing needs to be conducted to find out the true ramifications for children who are exposed to marijuana by parents or adults in the home.

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Is Vaping a Good Alternative?

Vaping is becoming a very popular method of marijuana consumption.

Here are a few benefits of vaping vs smoking:

  • Better for your lungs long term
  • You can avoid the harmful byproducts that you would get from traditional smoking
  • Effects are felt much faster than smoking
  • Smell doesn’t get on clothes, you can avoid the odor of weed when in public
  • Cheaper in the long run because you need to burn less weed to feel the psychoactive effects
  • Come in tasty flavors
  • More discreet
  • Convenient

For those looking to get away from second hand smoke, vaping takes care of that. But, when it comes to exposing other people, vaping still creates second hand aerosols. Jason McGill is the Health Policy Adviser, for Jay Inslee (Governor of Washington) he stated that the vapor from cannabis was not as harmful as secondhand cigarette smoke. He also went on to mention that for children, pregnant women and women who may become pregnant, vaping is an exposure that’s not recommended.


Edibles is hands down the best method of consuming marijuana and it doesn’t affect those around you. When taken responsibly, edibles have the following advantages:

  • Leaves no Odor
  • Very discreet
  • It doesn’t pollute your lungs
  • You experience a longer high
  • Cooked and raw cannabis is high in antioxidants

You can consume edibles and not leave the odor of marijuana around your loved ones. You can even get high right next to them without them being affected at all. The only caution that needs to be taken is that a lot of edibles are foods that children will be drawn to. Popular edibles on the market today are foods that include brownies, cookies, gummy bears, fruity drinks, chips, candy and all sort of goodies that kids love.

If you live with children, be proactive and hide your stash of edibles and make sure it’s not within their reach. If you have a roommate or a partner, make sure they understand that the mouthwatering brownie and cookies in the cupboard are edibles. You would hate for them to get tested at their job and fail, just because they had a sweet tooth before going to work.

Pick the best Option for You

Thankfully, cannabis is a wonderful plant that is versatile and can be consumed in many ways. If you live around people with strict workplace rules or small children, you can still enjoy smoking and vaping in places that they’re not present. If you are a regular partaker of cannabis, edibles are a great option.

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