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How to Deal with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Who Hates Your Love of Weed

Relationships are all about compromise.

When it comes to relationships they say, “opposites attract.” But, how about if those opposing views have to do with your love of everything weed related. There are several types of weed enthusiasts. You have your social smoker who lights up when among friends. We are all familiar with the nervous smoker who rolls one up the night before an exam or a first date and then finally we have the smoker who happily embraces the term pot head and unapologetically loves Mary Jane.

Relationships are all about compromise. With a bit of maturity and respect from both sides their can hopefully be room for both weed and your partner. Below are eight tips that will help you enjoy your cannabis without losing your sweetheart.

Tip 1: Partake when they’re not at home and the earlier the better. The goal is to have your high wear off by the time they arrive. This may not work if your mate is dead set on no cannabis whatsoever. Hopefully this is not the case and you two can come to an agreement that you will not smoke in front of them.

Tip 2: Eat edibles instead of smoke. Brownies, cookies and other goodies are treats we all love. It’s not the in your face type of product as smoking is and it doesn’t leave behind the strong smell of marijuana.

Warning: You will have to let them know that it’s an edible. If your significant other has a sweet tooth and ends up high as kite you’ll have some explaining to do.

Tip 3: If you are a social smoker agree to only smoke when you’re with your friends. However, your partner may not appreciate you being high around their friends. Although weed is legal in many states, there are professions, religions and social groups that are known to frown on the use of marijuana or alcohol. This especially holds true with individuals in the legal, law enforcement, military and government fields.

Tip 4: Research how weed can help your boyfriend or girlfriend. Cannabis is not all about getting high. If your significant other is the anxious type or has a hard time relaxing, you can find a CBD product or strain of weed that will help them. Expose them to marijuana from a perspective of healing instead of intoxication.

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Tip 5: Unfortunately, many people have preconceived notions regarding pot smokers. The stereotype is that they’re lazy and unmotivated. These stereotypes are unfair and wrong, there are plenty of people who are successful go-getters and who happen to enjoy marijuana. Introduce them to friends who have things going for them, who happen to indulge in recreational marijuana. Prove the stereotype wrong by showing him or her that these people are not unicorns but are as common as the cold.

Tip 6: Agree on allowed guilty pleasures. Do you get upset by your spouses frequent shopping, playing video games or sleeping late on the weekends? The truth is, we all have indulgences that we love. Agree to not complain about theirs, if they lay off whining about your weed habit.

Tips 7: Make a sincere effort to listen to what they have to say. Maybe some of their concerns and complaints are valid. Do you always smell like weed even if you are meeting their parents, going on a job interview or picking up your kids from school? If you don’t get your hands on some cannabis, will your world as you know it end? Are you spending money that is supposed to go toward paying the bills on cannabis habits instead? If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time to reevaluate a responsible level of consumption. Remember that the key to anything is moderation.

Final tip: It’s time to go your separate ways. If you compromise and partake in weed responsibly and your partner gives you an ultimatum, it’s time to make a decision. Some people give weed up easily because it’s something they do socially with friends. Others do it because it helps them relax. The final group has adopted it as a lifestyle and will probably enjoy it until they’re six feet under.

Only you can decide if this will be a deal breaker in your relationship. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to make sure that both of you are happy. Real love is hard to find but it’s never controlling or abusive. If weed is always going to be in your life and your partner has a zero-tolerance policy then, the relationship will eventually come to an end. This goes for all relationships when no one is willing to budge. Someone always ends up resentful and unhappy leading up to the inevitable.

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