Pot Industry Employees Smoking At Work
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Are Employees in the Pot Industry Getting High At Work?

A New Study Sheds A Little Light On This Subject

The Colorado State University released the results of its survey on the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, which revealed that it’s become more common for workers in the legal pot industry to be high while on the job.

According to the study, more than 4 in 10 of the workers surveyed confessed to using marijuana while they were at work. More than 2 in 10 of the respondents claimed that they were getting high from a minimum of three days up to seven days in a single week. A larger number, or about 63%, said they got high before going to work within the past month

A rather disturbing result of the student is that 1 in 5 of the respondents confessed they used marijuana while they were behind the wheel on the way to their job.

What is the Law?

For example: Under Colorado law, it’s illegal to get behind the wheel while under the influence of pot. Five nanograms of THC found in the system will be enough to haul the individual to court for a DUI charge. The federal government is less clear about the amount of volume for the motorist to face a charge.

When it comes to cannabis use, it’s different for everybody. Most long-term users are highly functional even if they consume large amounts of marijuana that will get an average user high. As pot advocates claim, everybody is high on something.

Some people get their kick from caffeine, some from smoking cigarettes, others are drunk on Red Bull and other energy drinks, so why single out the pot industry?

Employees Industry Smoking Pot At Work

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What About Workers?

The study hasn’t extended to dispensary and farm owners on how they feel about their workers getting high while at work. It stands to reason that they have their own standards or protocols when it comes to the use of pot. It’s hard to prevent your employees to sample the product when they’re around cannabis the whole day. It’s like asking a pastry chef not to taste the cake before serving it.

Another limitation of the study is that it didn’t include the use of marijuana in other industries and how the numbers compare to workers in the pot industry. Does it follow that workers in liquor industry drink more compared to the average person?

Even if the state has legalized marijuana use for recreational and medicinal purposes, some quarters argue that the employer may still fire a marijuana card-carrying employee. This will not violate the Americans and Disabilities Act, which is a federal law. The ADA has not been amended to accommodate this new phenomenon. As far as the federal law is concerned, marijuana is still classified as Schedule I, which is the reason why most legal cannabis dispensaries are wary about shipping out to areas outside of their state lines.

Nevertheless, pot use by workers doesn’t preclude customers from complaining to the manager for bad service. There are disciplinary measures in place that would sanction the erring employees who failed to do their jobs on the account of them being intoxicated on THC.

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