Canadian Cannabis Policies VS American Cannabis Policies
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Canadian Chamber of Commerce Supports the Cannabis Industry’s Growth & Development

What is the U.S. Doing to Meet the Needs of the Cannabis Industry?

In an industry riddled with a rough past and tumultuous times across the United states – even after legalization by those governing bodies – it is good to know that at least progress is being made in neighboring countries. We can only surmise that this trend will leak into the hands of the House and Senate leaders that will soon be forced to make National changes that increases the economic development of the marijuana industry.

Canada is one Nation that is spearheading the ways and means of accomplishing this monumental task. Recently, Canada’s top business association, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is throwing its weight in support for the cannabis industry. But is Canada the only one that should be realizing the full economic potential of their country’s cannabis boom? Or should the sleeping giant neighbor below awaken to a full economic transformation as well?

Policy Differences

This highlights the grand disparities between the regulatory bodies in the U.S. vs Canadian. While the United States is leaving it up to individual states to make up their mind, the CCC (Canadian Chamber of Commerce) has established the National Cannabis Working Group. This was created to help nurture responsible growth and technological advancements in multiple sectors of the marijuana industry.

The cannabis industry has gained billions from cash heavy investors that are looking to acquire and entrench themselves in their beachhead fronts across dozens of countries, according to reports. This has been limited by a lack of public policy environment that aims to increase the economic potential and impact the cannabis industry can offer to nations across the world. In an effort to minimize the time and investment loss that investors are accruing, many have decided to shift their focus & assets from anti-cannabis policy Nations to the United States and Canada where policy is more favorable to these sectors.

The National Cannabis Working Group is composed of multiple industry leaders not limited to the ones listed below:

  • The Cannabis Compliance
  • Fire & Flower Cannabis Shop
  • Harvest One Cultivators
  • WeedMD
  • Rolling Greens Dispensary
  • Canopy Growth
  • Yardstick Testing & Training
  • Hexo Corp. Cultivators

And Organigram just to name a few. These organizations and many others are focused on increasing awareness of the economic benefits the growing cannabis sector can provide both locally and on a global scale.

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What is the U.S. Doing to Meet the Needs of the Cannabis Industry?

In the United States, there has been a fight to remove marijuana as a Schedule I substance, literally for decades. On July 2017 there was a lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court that aimed to ensure legal access to medicinal marijuana previously discussed in this article. Unfortunately, this lawsuit was struck down by the US District Judge Alvin Hellerstein who believed that the litigants did not exhaust their administrative remedies and felt that there was more than a rational basis for Congress to add marijuana to Schedule I.

It is believed that the litigants can appeal the ruling to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, which they have and according to reports, has been re-opened for discussion. Initially, the Second Circuit had decided that since the litigants did not try to speak with both Congress and Administrative agencies like the DEA, in order to come to a rescheduling consensus, that the case would not be fully shut down. They put the case on the sidelines until further action is taken with Congress and the DEA in this matter.

Officially as of May 30th 2019, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has retaken the case and is now actively pushing the DEA to promptly reassess the Scheduling of marijuana due to the two health concerns cited by the two minor litigants in the case. The Judges still believe that speaking with Congress and the DEA over the rescheduling of Marijuana is still a viable option, but that reinstatement of the case is necessary to push all parties to an intermediary conclusion.

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A Win for the American People

This case shows both the difficulties and the progress associated with the process and all parties involved. This ruling also brings to attention the Conditionality conflicts of the scheduling of Marijuana and the inevitable fact that the case in its current argument has merit. The big brick anti-cannabis wall has one less brick to support it, National Legalization of Marijuana is on the Horizon.

If you’re looking for more information of the the differences in changing cannabis policies between Canada and the United States, here’s an article that embellish further on changes that took course over the last year in Canada VS the U.S., Who Will Dominate The Cannabis Industry?

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