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Protect Yourself: Learn To Detect If Your Weed Has Been Laced

Look our for signs that your product has been tampered with.

With more and more dispensaries mushrooming across the country, buying laced marijuana is now less dangerous compared to just a few years ago. However, it does still happens, as reported by ABC 7 Eyewitness News on Sunday May 20th, 2018 in the city of New York. Especially if you are buying from illicit sources, in this instance, the synthetic marijuana is called K2 as police source had stated.

Acts like this and others not directly related to this can be committed to add weight to the product, to increase psychoactive effects or simply to provide an imitation of a product that could be more harmful in order to boost an individuals profitability.

Some would say that a drug dealer could also lace marijuana with a cheaper chemical to increase the price and lower their cost. You can find that a lot of new users are unaware of the dangers of laced weed which, ultimately, may result in extreme harm to your body or even death depending on what the product is laced with.

This highlights the importance of understanding and spotting laced substances, and especially one as commong as marijuana. There are typically two methods to lacing: first is to add the chemical to the ground-up weed, the second method is to dip the blunt in the chemical compound. The worse most common chemicals used in the streets are detergent soaps, insecticides, crushed glass, and formaldehyde. Since these are the worse most commong ones, you may not run into these combinations as often as some may think.

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Here are some ways you can tell if your weed is laced.

Does it have a chemical scent?

If your weed smells anything but natural, and more on the chemical side, it’s probably laced. The sativa-strain, however, does emit a diesel-like smell which is nothing strange when you come across its aroma. Look for these smells to determine contamination.

  • Burning Plastic
  • Detergent
  • Paint Varnish
  • Metallic
  • Ether

Does it scratch?

Drug dealers lace the weed with glass to mimic the appearance of trichomes. Trichomes are resin-like substances that are often the sign users look for to determine good weed. If you don’t want to ingest glass in your lungs then it’s best to do the following; Rub the weed against another glass or an unused CD. You should be able to detect some scratches on the surface.

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Does it spark?

Pure weed doesn’t really produce a spark when you light it up, except if it contains pot seeds. If your joint seems to be sparking up repeatedly, and they come from the same source, it could be a sign that it’s laced with chemicals. You can check it further by holding it against the light and see if it flares up, which means that one of the additives is fuel based.

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Does your body feel numb?

Then it’s probably a good bet that PCP is added to your weed. Phencyclidine or Angel Dust will induce hallucinations and aggressive behavior. One indicator that PCP or angel dust has been added, is if your body feels numb all over. It’s extremely important that users steer clear of this drug, because of the long-term effects such as nerve damage and psychosis.

Does your body feel numb?

Marijuana laced with cocaine will produce a bitter aftertaste and a tingling on your tounge. You may also experience a metallic taste in your mouth while you smoke cocaine laced weed. However, you will only taste this for a moment because the numbing effects on your mouth will dull your tongue pretty quickly.

In order to avoid the dangers of smoking laced marijuana, it is wise to purchase from a licensed dispensary. Harbor Collective MMCC is a licensed dispensary, 100% legal and approved in both the State of California and the San Diego County.

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