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100% LEGAL Voted Best City-Approved Marijuana Dispensary in San Diego

We’re located just outside the Gaslamp, Harbor Collective is a San Diego city permitted and licensed Medical & Recreational Marijuana dispensary. We are a dedicated to providing San Diego with premium Cannabis products in a professional, fun, and safe environment.

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Your Cannabis Destination - Medical & Recreational

For the past few years we have been a dedicated support team to the local cannabis industry and our patients. We’ve greatly appreciated the communities support that everyone’s provided back in return. As one of the first medical and recreational dispensaries in the San Diego area, we take pride and extra care in making sure we provide the quality goods and quality service that you expect from us everyday.

We started off as a small shop with lots of hurdles along the way, getting a permit approval to do business in this industry was challenging. Legalization was coming along but many in the approval process may not have yet agreed with the relaxed changes that took place. I’m sure you may already be aware of the complicated history the state has had trying to legalize cannabis. Not everyone is allowed to enter the industry and sadly many that should are still waiting on the sidelines to enter. Meanwhile, licenses continue to expire for many active growers, distributors and retailers.

We appreciate the challenges and overcoming them all, but we could not have done this and continue to do this without the trust of our customers and local community. Which is why we do everything possible to please you with deals and special offers.

Happy Hour Special Harbor Collective

Our new #HAPPYHOUR page was created to help you find better deals everyday! We don’t just stop there, we have both daily deals and limited deals. Buy one get one half OFF on selected items and buy one get the second for $1 on selected items only like our “Emerald Family Farms”. Savings are all around the house! All you have to do is ask our helpful bud tenders what we have for the day.

Providing You the Best In Edibles, Topicals and Extracts!


Cannabis edibles aren’t just relegated to space cakes and brownies anymore. We carry the widest variety of commercially licensed Medical Marijuana edibles — everything from gummies to chocolates, tinctures to beverages.

For those suffering from muscular pain, soreness, and inflammation, we carry cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and oils that are absorbed through the skin Because they’re non-psychoactive, they are perfect for patients looking for just the therapeutic benefits of the plant.

Whether you’re looking for pressed water hash, CO2 oil cartridges, or a dab of shatter pulled off a slab, we have the largest selection of concentrates and extracts of any licensed dispensary in San Diego county.