Chef's Are Reshaping the Way Cannabis Edibles Are Seen
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Chef’s Are Reshaping the Way Cannabis Edibles Are Seen

The best cooking books in the market makes an effort to educate people on how different cannabis products can affect cooking results

Pot brownies are probably the most commonly referenced marijuana-infused food of modern times. They have been popularly referenced in many books, movies, and TV shows, and seem like a delicious coupling where yummy baked goods meet a relaxing high.

Today, marijuana-infused cooking has begun to gain ground as a better way to ingest cannabis and enjoy the myriad of health benefits it provides. The types of recipes available to the public range greatly in terms of complexity and their psychoactive effect. Many recipes focus on healthy food choices, including homegrown produce and vegan options, which better enhance and carry the effect of the cannabis ingredient.

Specifically, making use of the THC and CBD infused oils as an ingredient, people can easily learn from the comfort of their own homes, how to tap into the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

When it comes to marijuana-infused edibles, the goal could be to help get some rest from bouts of insomnia or to simply enjoying pain relief. Whatever effect you are looking for, cooked food provides an extended period during which the nutrient can be digested and absorbed. The cannabis in the food also follows the same route, offering a longer-lasting effect than with direct consumables like smoking pot or other similar methods.

The effect, if any, will depend on such factors as the choice of marijuana strain to use as ingredients, their level of THC/CBD and cooking style just to name a few. The best cooking books in the market makes an effort to educate people on how different cannabis products can affect cooking results. It effectively provides a lesson in chemistry, botany, and math. Here are some of the best-received cannabis-infused cooking books in the market today.

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The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook, by Cheri Sicard

The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook is a bestseller and offers over 120 different recipes ranging from the sweet to savory. It is a great choice for beginners looking to learn simple recipes, how to properly dose edibles, and eventually build up to more complex offerings. Learn how to make your own treats and advance to multiple course meals for family and friends.

Already a food writer, Cheri came to learn more about edibles from her attempts to seek holistic solutions to her sciatic pain. Having already founded and built up a successful cooking and recipe site,, Cheri then went on to develop her own cooking book, which married the health benefits of cannabis with flavorful cooking. The Easy Cannabis Cookbook is another of her bestsellers aimed at helping cooks tailor their cannabis-infused cooking to their specific needs. You can also find more recipes and discussion of cannabis topics at her site,

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Bong Appétit, by Editors of Munchies

The playful title of this cookbook (Bong Appétit) conceals the serious education that readers are about to get in how to manipulate cannabis for cooking purposes. The book offers in-depth information on how to prepare ingredients, cooking, storage, and dosing. Detailed step-by-step instructions and excellent photographs of the final results provide great inspiration for beginners and expert cooks to try their hand at cannabis-infused cooking.

Offering groundbreaking video and editorial content from a youth-driven perspective, Munchies has proven to be an excellent guide of all things food-related. Drawing on the work of various contributors, Bong Appétit has become an important source of culinary learning for all those interested in making sophisticated food, infused with cannabis.

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The 420 Gourmet, by JeffThe420Chef

The 420 Gourmet, Called the Julia Child of Weed by the Daily Beast, this lifestyle cookbook has become an invaluable cannabis guide for foodies. Combining his love for cooking with research on marijuana helped JeffThe420Chef develop ways of infusing cannabis to oils and butter without disruptive taste or odor. In his book, JeffThe420Chef guides readers on how to safely dose, understand the effects of various strains, and learn the many medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis-infused cooking.

From simple salads to mouthwatering gourmet meals, this cookbook runs the whole gamut of cooking styles and dishes crafted to ensure you get the best taste and therapeutic effect out of your meals. The 420 Gourmet is an excellent cannabis guide that was founded on a desire to help friends suffering medical issues, to gain relief from symptoms that responded well to marijuana use.

Other noteworthy cookbooks that provide a good selection of recipes and information on cannabis-infused cooking include:

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