Cannabis Infused Smoothies
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The Brighter Side of Cannabis Smoothies

Cannabis smoothies can be perfect for a sweet tooth.

Smoothies can be delightful with a tinge of raw cannabis buds. Cannabis is gaining more social acceptance owing to its medicinal benefits; so this can be the right time to experiment with raw cannabis smoothies.

Simply Green

This smoothie is full of great ingredients providing you with a delicious and nutrient-dense smoothie. It combines ingredients like cucumber, spinach, kale leaves, Fuji apple, lemon, and large cannabis fan leaves. You can make this smoothie by simply adding the ingredients into a blender to create a healthy meal or snack.

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This smoothie is perfect if you have a sweet tooth. The sweet mixture combines natural ingredients, including a large sliced banana, almond milk, cocoa, peanut butter, and chopped fresh cannabis. You should start blending at a low setting before switching to a higher seeing to combine the ingredients effectively for a delicious smoothie.


This recipe requires you to use raw cannabis though you can add cannabutter if you don’t have access to raw cannabis. The ingredients include a few frozen strawberries and blueberries, milk, coconut water, chia seeds, fresh cannabis buds, and leaves. You can make it by blending everything together. The banana and berries give this smoothie a delicious sweet taste.

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CBD and Yoga go Hand in Hand

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The Positives of Cannabis Smoothies

Using cannabis is not only about giving you a pleasant buzz, but it can also help to improve your health overall. There are numerous health benefits to using cannabis and here are some of the most valuable.


Cannabinoids are the compounds that help make cannabis useful in medicine. Ingesting them can help to reduce pain and anxiety, stimulate appetite, and reduce inflammation. Research suggests that cannabinoids might even be able to help in the fight against cancer. Make a delicious cannabis smoothie every day and you could find that some of your ailments are eased.

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The nutrients in the raw herb are preserved when not cooked or heated, so you can get the vitamins and enzymes that are important for improving your immunity system and other benefits.

Cannabis smoothies contain a range of nutrients such as foliates which are important for DNA repair in your body. The dark green leaves are rich in iron, which is crucial for moving oxygen in the blood, while the calcium-rich leaves and buds are good for getting strong bones. Vitamin K is also present and helps with calcium absorption and blood clotting. It is recommended that you blend the mixture instead of juicing it since juicing can cause many of the cannabinoids that are stored in the fiber of the plant to be lost.

A Healthy Alternative to Smoking

Smoothies give you the raw, unheated forms of CBD and THC in the form of THCA and CBDA. THC and CBD are activated by heating, giving you the high feeling and therapeutic properties respectively through decarboxylation. While lighting up cannabis creates THC, it is also responsible for reducing the volume of cannabinoids and terpenes, which are readily available in raw cannabis.

THCA will give your body health benefits that include reduced inflammation, improved sleep issues such as insomnia, reduced chronic pain and treating loss of appetite. It can also help to treat nausea while avoiding the psychotic effects that come with smoking. Going raw with a cannabis smoothie could be the only way to go if you are hunting for health benefits while avoiding the high that comes with smoking cannabis.

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While cannabis smoking sessions are usually not intended to get you healthy, a cannabis smoothie lets you make the most of the health benefits the plant has to offer. The other ingredients will also help to ensure a smoothie that is packed full of nutrition.


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