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June 420 Special Offers @ Harbor Collective MMCC

Let's Shed a Little Light into our Special Offer for June!

Starting in June until the end of the month, Harbor Collective is offering huge discounts on the Eternal cartridges at $25.00 each if you buy a minimum of 4. You can mix and match your strains and flavors for a nice 420 experience. You save a total of $41.92 for the package deal. Tax is not include so don’t forget to factor that into the equation.

However, there is a benefit to medical card holders. If you order cartridges for medical purposes, the taxes are waived, which would net you even bigger savings!

San Diego’s leading medical cannabis dispensary carries an extensive array of strains and flavors to suit every taste and preference. Register online so you can get perks like tax-free purchases for medical benefits or updates with current promos and discounts.

If you like our promo offering for June, you should know that we offer promos every month to reward our most loyal customers. When you register online, you will get first priority of any new flavor we. For industry news, you can subscribe to our email list to receive the latest updates and breakthroughs in marijuana, including the latest technology, developments, innovations, and the “Flavor of the Month.”

The payment process is easy and very secure. Your private information is safe with us since we take security very seriously.

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Check our latest strains and flavors sold on our shelves:

1. Eternal High-Potency Super Lemon Haze Sativa Cartridge, 1,000 mg

Always the best draw, this strain was aptly recognized by High Times Online Magazine as one of the THC Cartridges in 2017. It’s already affordable at just $45.00. However, you can buy three other Eternal cartridges to qualify for our June promo deal.

2. Eternal High-Potency Sour Diesel Sativa Cartridge, 1,000 mg

Eternal Cartridges are always known for their low price, which always surprises people especially after tasting the high quality of the product. You can mix and match any of the Eternal products here to get a huge discount.

3. Eternal High-Potency Gelato Hybrid Cartridge, 1,000 mg

One thing that will strike you is the perfect balance between the Gelato flavor and the potency of the THC. More importantly, you get the desired high after just a few puffs.

4. Eternal High-Potency Pineapple Express Hybrid Cartridge, 1,000 mg

Have you tried tasting Pineapple Express? Try this Eternal Cartridge and you will soon find out what that name means. Inhaling the fume can only be described as smooth. There’s no bitter or acrid aftertaste. You only get a hint of, what else?

5. Eternal High-Potency Skywalker OG Indica Cartridge, 1,000 mg

The Eternal brand has become synonymous with high quality and great value for money. Rated among the best brands in the industry, you will receive more savings with Harbor Collective’s mix-and-match promo.

6. Eternal High-Potency Watermelon Kush Indica Cartridge, 1,000 mg

Always the popular strain in the Eternal line, the Watermelon Kush will induce sleep and also boost appetite. Those who medicate with this strain swear by this product. Of course, you will get the distinct watermelon flavor with a hint of grapes. Some also report the sweet strawberry taste.

Flavored strains are always a good departure if you are tired of hitting the traditional cannabis. It does seem like a bad marriage from the start when you talk about combining cotton candy and marijuana. Surprisingly, it works in this case.

Again, you mix any of the eight Eternal strains, purchase four cartridges and pay only $100. This offer is only good until the end of June.

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There’s also free delivery for single purchase orders for medical cannabis for a total of $50.00 and above. That should save you a lot on the shipping costs, as well.

Harbor Collective also offers an extensive inventory of edibles, topicals, and extracts. For deliveries and pickup, contact us by phone from the hours of 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (PST) at 619-841-2045 and we’ll be sure to facilitate your request. Don’t worry, every call we get is treated with utmost confidentiality.

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