Cannabis Quencher | Mango 100mg THC


Cannabis Quencher | Mango 100mg THC

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MANGO 100mg THC   Only 2 grams of sugar and 1.5 calories per serving. An organic mango infusion, this tropical refresher naturally contains the terpene myrcene which has been shown to enhance the euphoric effects of THC.  In order to easily microdose, our see-through milligram indicator allows for an accurate 10mg THC dose every time. 1 capful = 2mg THC. 16 oz bottle, child resistant cap. VEGAN, NO GLUTEN, NON-GMO, LOW CALORIE, NO ADDED SUGAR, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. Sweetened with organic Erythritol + Stevia.         CONSUMPTION ADVICE: Start with a 2-4mg THC dose (1-2 capfuls) and wait 45 minutes before drinking more. Drink Responsibly. Refrigerate after opening. Tastes best cold.


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